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DIET For DRIVERS – Taxi / Cab / Uber / Truck Drivers | (Diet by Guru Mann)

Healthy Food

DIET For DRIVERS – Taxi / Cab / Uber / Truck Drivers | (Diet by Guru Mann)


▪️Proper PDF link will be attached in 24hours▪️
▪️MEAL 1:
Option#1: 3 Boiled Eggs (2+1) & 1 Glass Milk
Option#2: 3 Egg Omelet, 1 Toast & 1 Glass Milk
Option#3: Cheerio cereals with Almond Milk
Option#4: Strawberry/Blueberry Smoothie with Almond Milk & Peanut Butter

▪️MEAL 2:
Option#1: Mix Fruit Bowl & 1 Protein Bar
Option#2: 1 Apple or Pear & 1 Protein Bar
Option#3: Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt with Apple

▪️MEAL 3:
Option#1: Subway veg or chicken Sandwich
Option#2: Chipotle Bean Bowl
Option#3: Chicken Caesar Salad
option#4: Subway Chicken Salad (fresh)

▪️MEAL 4:
Option#1: Pre Packed Protein Drink (Muscle Milk) & 1 Handful Peanuts
Option#2: Ice Tea & Roasted white channe

▪️MEAL 5:
Option#1: Quinoa Bowl Salad
Option#2: Turkey or Paneer Sandwich (Homemade or Deli)

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▪️MEAL 6: (optional)
Before Bed: 1 cup Non fat Milk

WATER: 3 Liters (3 Bottles of 1 Liter)
AVOID: Burger, Pizza, Soda, Chips, packed drinks, etc

Good Luck 🙂


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