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Futurist Feast

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Futurist Feast

The Futurists was a group of Italian artists working together during and after World War I.

Despite their ageism, sexism, ablism, classism and Fascist war-mongering, they did have some redeeming qualities. For example:

1) They promoted art that encouraged a celebration of the everyday. Their manifesto of Futurist cooking urged an awakening from complacency through a stimulation of all the senses. Eating was treated by these artists as a cause for celebration, instead of a mundane utilitarian act.

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2) Their art was absurdist and playful. Their “polyrhythmic salad” was served in a music box that was cranked with one hand while the eater grabbed lettuce leaves with the other. Waiters danced to the music as long as it played. Another element of the “tactile” dinner experience involved guests burying their faces in a bowl of vegetables to enable a textural sensation of the foods they were tasting. When they rose to chew, waiters would spray their faces with perfume to enhance their olfactory stimulation.

3) Their art existed beyond gallery walls, creeping into spaces of leisure and entertainment. Poets, architects, painters, dancers, chefs and restauranteurs worked together to create The Holy Palate restaurant in Turin, nourishing publics with this affirmation: “we think, dream and act according to what we eat and drink.” (Marinetti, The Futurist Cookbook, 92)

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