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Retrospective video of the International Charity Bazaar of the UN Women’s Guild in Geneva (21.11.2017)

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Retrospective video of the International Charity Bazaar of the UN Women’s Guild in Geneva (21.11.2017)

Vidéo rétrospective du Bazaar international organisé par le Cercle Féminin des Femmes des Nations Unies à Genève. (CFNU)

Retrospective video of the Annual event of the United Nations Women’s Guild, the International Charity Bazaar held at the UN Office Geneva on 21 nov. 2017, with 60 nations participating with local food and products and an attendance of 6’000 people ! It was a very nice experience, as an international and intercultural peaceful event where the lottery and other activities will sponsor children’s project around the world.
Quite an immersive experience to watch this video, filmed on 4K/25p with a Panasonic GH4 and and gimbal PilotflyH2.

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More information: The United Nations Women’s Guild was founded in 1970 as a non-profit organization. In accordance with the principles of the United Nation’s Charter, it aims to foster friendship and understanding amongst women of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.
The Guild also offers support to newcomers in Geneva and raises funds for the benefit of vulnerable children throughout the world. The Guild offers a variety of monthly and weekly activities on a voluntary basis, from language classes and skills training to Help Line, cultural exchange, fundraising, sports and leisure groups, as well as organizing special events.
Our language classes include French, English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. Artistic work is covered through painting and drawing, quilting, handicrafts and jewellery making. All-year-round leisure activities include hiking, fitness training, walking, mah jong, bridge, cooking, book club, image consulting, cinema club and cultural visits.
The Monthly Meetings serve as the Guild’s discussion forum where different issues of interest are presented by members or invited guests.
The Coffee Morning, where all the members can meet, is scheduled every first Tuesday of the month and hosted by spouses of permanent missions or special interest groups within the Guild.
Our Special Events program varies throughout the year from art and craft exhibitions, annual bridge tournament, annual luncheon, cultural evenings and the Children’s Walk.
The major event and calendar highlight, however, is the UNWG International Charity Bazaar, held every year in November at the Palais des Nations. This important event is our major fundraiser for projects benefiting disadvantaged children across the globe.
We all have our potential: the UNWG is a platform for all members to come out and share their talents and abilities with other members.
The United Nations Women’s Guild is an organization where international friendship and understanding continually grows; where women from more than a hundred countries share opportunities for recreation, learning and voluntary service; where fundraising activities to assist needy children are a primary goal.
The Guild welcomes and offers help to new arrivals to the United Nations community in Geneva and gives guidelines on the status of United Nations spouses for employment and pensions.
More information:

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