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Visual Stories: The Art of Micro Storytelling with Rachel Hofstetter

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Visual Stories: The Art of Micro Storytelling with Rachel Hofstetter

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Rachel Hofstetter, CMO, thought leader, and best selling author of Cooking Up a Business, has had a diverse and successful career, and has learned a thing or two about importance of storytelling in business. In this video, “Visual Stories: The Art of Micro Storytelling” (part of the 97th Floor Mastermind Interview Series), Rachel Hofstetter and Shante Schroeder discuss the value of visual storytelling techniques, social media storytelling, micro branding, and more. Rachel Hofstetter’s work with Chatbook has given her vital insights into visual stories, listening, working within teams, success, failure, company values, and the need to personalize for clients. Through it all, she’s maintained a core belief in the customer/company relationship.

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