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What I eat in a day | How to cook and eat Stress-free |

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What I eat in a day | How to cook and eat Stress-free |

What I eat in a day | How to cook and eat Stress-free |
Do you find cooking 3 meals a day easy & Stress-free? If not, you are not alone, but there’s a solution to this.
I can’t help noticing some parents, usually the Mom often complained about cooking more often these days during quarantine and the worst part is the family didn’t helped her and family members often expect 3 dishes 1 soup everyday. I feel the pain Mom/Dad!! I know most daily Asian dinner often involves 3 dishes 1 soup, if I were to do the same, I probably gone insane 20 years ago! Big applaud to those who still stick to this traditions and can put up to their family expectations, but now situation is going to be difficult during this pandemic as many will probably loose jobs and undergo depression. Watch this vlog about “What I eat in a day and how to cook and eat Stress-free” hopefully that can give you a different perspective. Home chef, set yourself free and stop putting loads on your shoulders.

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